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Charlotte is the biggest city of North Carolina with better than 1 million residents across the county, and offers numerous outdoor advertising opportunities on top of the many activities and events that draw guests to numerous locations. Charlotte is the Queen City is home to the arts and culture and hosts two major sporting events , including the Nascar-sanctioned Monster Energy Open at Charlotte Motor Speedway and the PGA Championship at Quail Hollow. Charlotte is a great location for outdoor advertising, bringing your message to a wide public. There are numerous creative media options close to Douglas International Airport (USAir Hub) Major highways 85 and 77 as well as along the 485 Beltway, and the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS). BillboardsIn will help you increase your advertising budget by providing cutting-edge advertising tools including billboards and more digital billboards, advertisements on bus and bus stops taxi advertisements, and many other innovative alternatives.

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