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Numerous outdoor advertising opportunities are available there in New Haven, which is the second-largest city in Connecticut. There is a rough estimate that 14 percent of the New Haven's population are commuters who walk on the sidewalks, taxi and bus stands, park benches and facades of buildings attractive assets to advertise your innovative campaigns. With over 40 miles of shoreline along Long Island Sound and home to the world-class Yale University, your advertising messages will surely attract attention from the air, land and water. New Haven is positioned between Boston and New York City and situated near the intersection between I-91 and I-95 that can accommodate 160,000 vehicles every day. The options for mass transit include rail, air ferry, ground, and rail, the most attractive locations to advertise outdoors. BillboardsIn will help you identify the most unique options for your campaign, which could include unconventional options like taxi advertising, digital billboards bus advertisements, taxi advertising and other options, in addition to traditional billboards.

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