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In the middle of Harlingen is located in the heart of Rio Grande Valley of southern Texas, Harlingen is a excellent city to advertise outdoors. Harlingen is located about 30 miles away from to the Gulf of Mexico and it encompasses an area of more than 40 sq miles. Harlingen is a popular destination for new residents each year as it has the lowest costs of living within the United States. Furthermore, Valley Race Park is an event track for Greyhound dogs, which draws a lot of people. It is important to spot the numerous commuters in Harlingen. Harlingen by putting up billboards advertising on any of the most frequently used roads like U.S. Route 77, U.S. Route 83, Interstate 69E and Interstate 2. Additionally Harlingen is home to Harlingen is located in the Port of Harlingen is 4 miles to the east from Harlingen along Highway 106, which provides an additional area of outdoor advertising.

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