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Indianapolis is known as the capital city of Indiana with more than three hundred and seventy-two square kilometers of prime public space for outdoor advertisements. Indy is the home of the infamous "Indy 500,"" which brings in 220,000 people into the town. Your billboard ads will be prominently displayed along Interstates 65, 69 and 70, and 74 which connect Indy as well as Indy's Metro Loop (465) encompassing it. It will also be surrounded by "IndyGo" buses that provide transport throughout the City. Outdoor media resources are abundant near the many museums and attractions, including and attractions, such as the Indianapolis Zoo, the casinos and the horse track which will give your campaign the visibility you deserve with the help of BillboardsIn. You'll be impressed by the range and depth of our database, which is filled with new outdoor options like digital billboards, advertisements on bus stops and buses taxi advertisements and more!

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