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Your outdoor advertising campaigns will surpass any expectation for Salt Lake City, which is the Capital of Utah and home to more than 1 million people. Tourists are drawn to SLC due to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the Great Salt Lake, and excellent skiing conditions, to name some, all of who are bound to be captivated by your innovative outdoor marketing campaign. If visitors to SLC arrive via SLC's SLC International Airport (Delta Hub) or Light rail (TRAX) or the UTI's transit bus system there are plenty of opportunities for exposure outdoors. The Interstates 15 and 80 cross paths in SLC as well as Interstate 215 (The Belt Route) creates a loop that connects SLC and its suburbs. Billboards along these routes will surely increase the amount of money you earn! Select BillboardsIn for all of your advertising needs outdoors including billboards, digital billboards facades for buildings, car ads, park benches and a myriad of other options at affordable costs.

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