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El Paso is a great city to advertise outdoors since the city is an integral part of Paso del Norte, the metropolitan area that includes El Paso-Judegrez and Las Cruces, which is home to over 2.7 million residents. This is a large number of potential clients you could get your ad in the front of. In addition, the city is the host of an annual Sun Bowl college football post-season game that draws a lot of people and fans to the city every year. The purchase of a billboard along one of the roads that are frequently used to the stadium is just one of the many possibilities for advertising on the streets of El Paso. You could also opt to make your campaign move around the city using public transportation advertising or embellish the streets of El Paso with the purchase of street furniture. There are a myriad of amazing neighborhoods in the city, including Downtown as well as Central El Paso, Mission Valley and Northwest El Paso to name just a few.

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