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If you arrive in Cincinnati via air, land or by water, you will be amazed by the quality and variety of exceptional outdoor advertising options. The city's metropolis covers portions that lie between the southern part of Ohio as well as Northern Kentucky and covers an approximate area that is 79.54 miles. With more than two-thirds of the American population located within a day's drive from Cincinnati, the Queen City, their many places to visit for entertainment and family such as Cincinnati Reds and Bengals, Cincinnati Reds and Bengals, attracted more than 24 million people in the year 2000. Innovative outdoor advertising campaigns based on smart assets in The "Steps of Cincinnati," and also on Vine Street and the Interstates (71 75, 74 and 71) will surely be unforgettable. BillboardsIn is the most popular source for unique and creative outdoor advertising solutions, including digital billboards, bus and taxi stands as well as building fa��ades, car wraps, benches for parks, and many other options at affordable prices.

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